Are hot tub chemicals bad for you?

Are Hot Tub Chemicals Bad for You?

Hot tub water care products are designed to create the proper conditions for your hot tub to keep it safe and sanitized. With the correct use of chemicals, you shouldn’t experience any problems. Our staff is properly trained to provide you the knowledge and support you need to maintain safe conditions for your hot tub so that your entire family can enjoy the relaxation.

There also products that remove calcium build up which improve water hardness which may be unpleasant for your skin and can cause damage to your hot tub components if not treated.

One of the products we recommend is the FreshWater Salt System which can be installed in many of our models. It brings you a more natural way to deal with water care and is generally better for people with more sensitive skin. The system reduces the need for chemicals and can simplify the maintenance routine for hot tub care.