Are hot tubs hard to maintain?

Are Hot Tubs Hard to Maintain?

Hot tub technology has advanced greatly recently and because of that maintenance and water care are easier than ever. Some of the changes in hot tubs include the materials that they are built with. Older wood hot tub cabinets require staiing and sealing regularly. These days, spas are made with synthetic siding that can be hosed down with almost no effort.

The time invested in water care can be as little as 5 minutes a week. Spa test strips take out the guess work for you and we can show you how easy it is to maintain water balance and have the right amount of spa sanitizer in the water.

Filters need to be rinsed off monthly and sometimes soaked in a bucket for a deep clean. There are even filters that can be ran through a dishwasher to make this process even easier.

Finally, your hot tub will need to be drained and refilled, usually 3-4 times a year if you use traditional water care, but if you use a FreshWater salt water system, then this step can be done as little as once a year.

Owning a hot tub has never been easier. Contact us today to learn more on what is needed to take care of a hot tub.