Can a Hot Tub Help With My Anxiety and Stress?

Can a Hot Tub Help With My Anxiety and Stress?

Your spa can be the perfect respite, an accessible, soothing private sanctuary in which you can relax and take advantage of the many health benefits hot tub therapy offers, including stress relief.

Because it’s often the relentless pace of life that feeds anxiety, the convenience of a home hot tub located just outside your back door or inside your house can provide relief—fast. There’s no need to go back into a busy world and sit in traffic or deal with crowded mass transit just to get to your soothing space, after all.

The warm water raises your body temperature, which helps dilate blood vessels and increase circulation, and helps relieve muscle pain. The massaging jets of a spa work out knots and kinks, while the buoyancy of the water takes the weight off your joints, allowing you total relaxation.

Another benefit of using your hot tub is improving your social connections. Having strong relationships with your family and friends can reduce feelings of loneliness, which can contribute to stress and anxiety. Soaking in your spa with the people you care most about allows you to have deep conversations and rebuild or strengthen connections. A home hot tub can also help your teenage children manage their own stress.

Most important, your spa can become a healthy part of your daily routine. Hydrotherapy before work in the morning can help prepare your mind for a busy day; a hot tub soak a night can ready your body for sleep.

Schedule a test soak today and see for yourself!